Follow our simple guidelines to get a perfect print

It is very important to ensure that your files are correctly prepared, in order to make the print process as smooth as possible. Please check your files against our guidelines before you sample your print.

RGB Colour Profile

What is RGB? RGB is the standard colour format for printing files in and stands for Red Green Blue, so please make sure you have chosen the right mode.

fabric printing rgb profile


Please note, the colours can sometimes vary greatly from the original image on a computer screen. If required you can order a Colour Atlas from us in order to see a full spectrum of colours on a specific basecloth (£20+VAT), or we offer a colour matching service (£20 per colour+VAT)

As basecloth shades can vary marginally from batch to batch, this may affect your colour consistency. Basecloth shade variations will always be within the standard industry tolerance.


Resolution is measured in dots per inch (dpi) and to maintain a high quality image your file is recommended to be 300dpi + for the highest quality print.

The file can be anywhere up to 500MB.

fabric printing resolution


Scale is used to indicate the size of your print. If you are unsure, please drop your image into our scale tool(when ordering) to test your scale. Any queries about shrinkage please consult About Fabrics page.

fabric printing scale


Please bear in mind that certain basecloths shrink during the print process. This is not something we can control and is an industry standard, which can be in the region of 5-10% growth/shrinkage. Please contact the Print or Sales team for more information on your job and cloth type and we should be able to advise.

Pattern Repeat

A repeat pattern is pattern tile that matches seamlessly and continuously on each side.

Check along the edges of the file for pixel lines that are are a different colour as this will show in the print.

Please make sure your design is in repeat as we cannot be held accountable for any repeat issues once fabric has been printed.

fabric printing pattern repeat fabric printing pattern repeat

If you need help creating a repeat pattern :

Print Placement

If you artwork is a selection of placement prints (for products/garments), please ensure your file allows enough gaps between each design for seam allowance. If we are stitching items for you, you will also need to include a cut line around the artwork. Please contact the print or sales team for more information.


Please send files in the direction you would like them to be printed.


Please ensure that the dimensions of your file are suitable for the useable width of your chosen base cloth. Please contact the sales team if you need clarification.

File Types

We recommend flattened TIFFs for the highest quality prints but can accept JPEG and PNG files. If your files need to be adjusted by our designers, then we will require layers in PSD format.

The digital print machines do not print white and will leave 100% white background areas unprinted. If you wish to have no background colour printed, please check that the artwork either has no background before flattening the image (by clipping around your image in photoshop/illustrator) and deleting the background layer, or check that the white background is clean (by going over the file carefully at 100% and neatening up any unwanted marks with the eraser tool).

Your files should be :

  • .TIFF
  • .JPG
  • .PNG

Design Service

If you need help with a repeat pattern or with your print, we offer a design service at £30 per hour+VAT.

If you follow these straight forward guidelines , you shouldn’t have any problems!