Before going ahead with printing please make sure you are happy with the fabric base. We have lots of fabrics to choose from and the capabilities to source fabric too. (For more information please give us a call).

The fabrics we currently hold include silks, cottons- heavy and light weight, cotton linens, polyesters and poly blends.


Silks can be used for shirts, ties, scarves, dresses, kimonos and other wearable fashion. Silk is a premium fabric and has the beautiful luster finish giving products a more expensive feel. All our silks are printed with our Reactive Printer and we can achieve brilliant, rich colour depth.


Our cottons come in various weights, some light and some heavy. Heavier cottons are more suitable for upholstery, curtains and cushions and the lighter weight cottons are suited to clothing and kitchen accessories. We use both our pigment and reactive machines to print cottons.


These fabrics are a mixture of cotton and linen and are fairly heavy weight which is suitable for upholstery, curtains and cushions. Linens are known for being very absorbent so are suitable for kitchen textiles such as tea towels. It is also known to be a very breathable fabric that can keep you cool in the heat.


We use our sublimation machine to print polyester fabrics. Our collection of polyesters range from heavy to light weight and can be used across the board for lots of different products. From clothing to interiors polyesters are very durable and often a more affordable option.


Polyester blend fabrics are an attractive option for many people based on a few points including its durability and performance quality, cottons are breathable and polyesters dry quickly so mixing them together makes a breathable fabric that is sweat resistant. Polycottons would be suitable for apparel, active wear and workwear. Or it could be used as a cheaper alternative to cotton.


We are always expanding our fabric collection including our alternative fabrics. These include organic and unusual fabrics such as fabrics made from banana or milk or soy bean or bamboo! These are more exciting fabrics which could add a lovely USP to your final product. These fabrics come in lots of weights and can be used across the board for interiors and fashion.