Lemon Head Prints Ltd has been running since February 2016. We have a North London based studio where we offer a creative and new approach to meet all textile design, print and product development requirements. Our studio is a creative hub for designers, product developers and a place for trade to interact and complete bespoke projects on a fast turnaround basis.

Our digital textile printing machines

With three in house digital textile printing machines we have all the equipment to handle over 10,000 meters of printing a month. Our machines cover, reactive, pigment and dye-sublimation printing, this provide us with the capacity to print different fabrics across the board without boundaries. All our inks are waterbased and ethically sourced. We offer high colour definition printing in a short amount of time as well as the ability to print on demand in small quantities. This is great for design collections that require high quality prints for unique pieces. Follow this link to print your own fabric.

Reactive Printing

Our reactive printing machine produces a beautiful array of colours and detail by using 7 different inks. These inks are then heat-activated by a steaming and washing process, this allows digital prints to permanently bond to the fibres of different textiles. You would use this print type with any natural fabric including cottons, linens, nylons and silks.

Pigment Printing

We have a fantastic machine for printing with pigment technique. This process works differently to the other printing types we offer. Instead of the dye penetrating the fibres of the fabric, the dye binds to the top layer of the fabric in a micron thick layer. The fabric is then heat cured to set the dye. This print type is often used for interiors fabrics as the colours are so vibrant and it is a fast process. You can use all different types of fabric to print on with this machine, from heavyweight cottons to poly cotton mixes.

Dye-sublimation Printing

Another printing technique we use is dye-sublimation. With our dye sublimation machine we begin the digital printing process by printing the design on transfer paper. In a separate process, using our heat press, we transfer the design onto fabric. The specialised ink undergoes a process and it penetrates the fibres causing permanent dying. This print type would be used for any fabric with synthetic properties. For example, polyesters, lycras and poly mixes.

Our creative community

At Lemon Head Prints we have a wonderful creative community of designers that we are passionate about supporting. We aim to promote talented individuals and foresee opportunities to integrate them into the fashion, art and design industry. Our skilled community of designers work on a freelance basis where we offer them opportunities within the industry and with trade clients, to help them build their portfolios. All our designers are credited for their work and receive royalties by being a part of our team. We are always on the lookout for new talent to join our community. If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in or know someone whose work deserves to be out there, sign up here.

Competition Time

At Lemon Head Prints we like to keep things exciting and with this approach we decided to treat a lucky textiles designer to a £200 worth of free digital textile printing. The competition encourages our followers to get involved and most importantly, put their creative work out there. Every monthly winner is added to our creative community and they will be showcased on our website.

Rent a workspace

Our London based printing studio is a creative hub and one we would like to share. At an affordable monthly rate you can join our studio filled with friendly faces, colourful fabric and creative inspiration to get the job done. Enquire here.

Upcoming Workshops

In the months ahead, we have exciting events planned for our studio. An array of workshops are to come; from digital textiles printing classes, to how to make your own repetitive patterns for textile digital print, to many more. Watch this space to keep updated about our latest workshops.

Trade Shows

Earlier this year we had the opportunity of having a stand at Meet the Manufacturer. An event that exhibits exclusive British fashion, textile & homeware manufacturers. We met many talented artists, textile designers and took the opportunity to build relationships with smaller brands and designers. We are looking forward to more events later this year as our calendar is filled with upcoming opportunities. Come and visit our colourful stand at moOD, the boutique show with the largest collection of specialists in upholstery fabrics in Brussels from the 6-8 September 2016 and then later in the month at Decorax (18-21 September 2016), the design and interiors exhibition that celebrates exceptional quality, beautiful materials and outstanding craftsmanship. We hope to see you there. We are excited to be a part of the digital printing revolution and have large aspirations for our digital textile printing London Based studio. We are expanding, growing and meeting talented individuals every day. Come and get involved.